Much has been said about the – still frankly pretty darn impressive – display on the Retina iPad mini. Narrow color gamuts are clear to see when you sit the mini next to the iPad Air but what about this image retention issue; are you seeing it on yours?

It's something we've already considered in examining the Retina Display on the new iPad mini, and Marco Arment has a pretty easy test you can run to see if yours is an affected unit. Both Rene Ritchie and myself have run the test on our own Retina iPad minis and we're not seeing any issues. Any problems often will depend on the panel supplier or even specific batches, so if yours is affected take it back to your nearest Apple Store and swap it for a new one.

So, are you seeing any image retention on your own Retina iPad mini? Drop a vote up top and your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.