The iMore forums are hopping over a post from sparro who wants nothing more than an LED notification light on the iPhone 5.

Sparro wasn't satisfied with the LED camera flash accessibility feature added in iOS 5 and is hoping for a full on, front-facing, blinking, bugging notification light in the next iPhone.

BlackBerry lovers consider it part of what puts the crack in CrackBerry and some obviously feel lost when they switch to iPhone and lose it. Even Android seem content when their phones blink and beep at them like R2D2 with something stuck in his holo emitter.

So does the iPhone need it? Is it not enough that the whole display lights up when a new alert hits the lock screen? Do we need a blinking light as well? Or is getting away from the LED the whole reason you switched to iPhone to begin with?

Vote up top, and then head on over to the iMore forums and let sparro know how you feel about the notification LED!