Fire TV controller

Amazon dropped a bomb this week with the introduction of its Fire TV set-top box and included gaming capabilities. It's a similar yet different product to our own Apple TV, but it does give us plenty to look at when thinking about what we'd like to see next from Apple. So, would you like to see integrated gaming included on the next version of the Apple TV?

We do have AirPlay already, of course, that can give us a rudimentary gaming experience using our iPhone or iPad with the Apple TV. There are even specialist games which 'project' a gaming screen to the TV while turning the device in your hand into a controller. But what the Fire TV offers is something much more than this. It has a controller, for starters.

But perhaps the nicest way it's been implemented into the Fire TV is that it isn't thrown in your face. Gaming isn't pushed on you. You don't get the controller in the box – it's an extra purchase if you want it regardless of brand – but the capability is there should you want it. And that sort of implementation could work just fine on the Apple TV.

So, how do you feel about it? A necessity for the next-gen Apple TV, not needed at all or would you have to maybe see it first? Drop a vote up top and sound off in the comments below!

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