Documents by Readdle updated for iPad with fresh look and better interface

There's lots of document editing suites for iPad out there and Readdle is not new to the game. Documents by Readdle comes as an update to the popular ReaddleDocs app for iPhone and iPad. While Documents by Readdle is currently only for iPad, it's a huge improvement over the previous version.

Most of the updates to Documents by Readdle are interface driven. Where the old interface felt more like working in Microsoft Office on the desktop, the new version feels like it's made for the iPad. Everything from the way Documents by Readdle is laid out to how it handles the editing of documents is better. Menus no longer contain cheesy folder icons and outdated graphics. Sometimes, less is more and that certainly holds true in this case.

From what we can tell, no features have been stripped out but not a lot has been added in either. You'll still get the same syncing options you had in ReaddleDocs such as iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, SugarSync, and more. As far as editing documents, you can still edit text documents as well as view tons of others including Excel, eBooks, and more. When it comes to PDF's, you also have the ability to annotate them.

While Documents by Readdle is a great update to an already good app, it still doesn't provide a lot of the functionality some of its competitors do, such as editing spreadsheets and other common file types. If you have a need to do that, we recommend a more full featured editing suite such as the iWork collection, QuickOffice, or Documents To Go.

The aforementioned apps can, however, come with a pretty hefty price tag. If you're more concerned with reading and viewing documents and only need the ability to manage text documents and mark up PDF's, Documents by Readdle is a great choice that will cost you nothing.

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