DODOCase lets new iPad cases fly

DODOCase has just announced three new cases for the new iPad. Famous for the old world craftsmanship and charm they bring to the newest of the new gadgets, DODOCase is not only releasing their signature, classic case for the new iPad, but two completely new cases lines as well.

  • DODOcase Classic with red, green, charcoal, or sky blue lining at $59.95.
  • DODOcase Essentials in granite, meadow, Tahoe, or sand at $69.95.
  • DODOcase Spring / Summer 2012 in two tone granite/poppy, meadow/lake, Tahoe/sunrise, and sand/earth for $79.95.

They've also ramped up their personalization options, so you can make your DODOCase uniquely your own, or make it special for that special someone, in either black or gold foil stamp, in three locations including the spine.

“The new iPad gives us another opportunity to continue our support and preservation of bookbinding, while allowing us to introduce an entirely new facet of our business with advanced personalization options and our Spring / Summer collections” said Patrick Buckley, co founder and Chief DODO of DODOcase. “Two years after launching DODOcase, we have built a full bookbinding operation and woodshop in San Francisco. As always, we are proud to offer crafted artisanal products that help connect tradition and technology for our customers.”

DODCase's iPad 2 case won [iMore's 2011 Readers Choice Award](/2011 iMore Readers Choice Awards), so needless to say, we can't wait to get our hands on the 2012 models.

Source: DODOCase

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