Dolphin browser for iPhone and iPad updated with Evernote integration, Wi-Fi broadcast, and more

Dolphin, a popular alternative browser for iPhone and iPad has been updated with a slew of new features including Evernote integration that allows you to send web content directly from your clipboard straight to Evernote. Other new features include WiFi Broadcast, Dolphin Connect, easier sharing features, and more.

The two largest features in the Dolphin update are WiFi Broadcast and Dolphin Connect. The first, Wi-Fi Broadcast, allows you to easily send web pages to friends wirelessly and over-the-air as long as you're both connected to the same network. If you've found a page that you'd like to share, you can choose WiFi Broadcast from the menu. Your pages will then show up in the shared pool to anyone on the same network. They can then jump on through Dolphin Browser and pull the page you shared by just tapping on it.

Dolphin Connect, the next large feature, allows you to sync all your Dolphin content wirelessly through your browsers. Things such as pages and bookmarks can now be accessed from any device running Dolphin Browser or that has an extension for it installed. Popular web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari already have active plugins and will work out of the gate.

Aside from WiFi Broadcast and Dolphin Connect, updates have been made that allow you to share your content to your social networks quicker and easier than before. If you'd like to send some web content to Evernote, you can now do that by just copying it to the clipboard and sending it straight to Evernote. The feature is still labeled as beta but seems to work rather well.

If you're tired of Safari or don't find it powerful enough for you, Dolphin is a great alterative, and at the price of free, there's nothing to lose. Hit the link below to download it for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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