iTunes users who've dabbled in Android might be familiar with DoubleTwist, which has now brought its latest creation, AirPlay Recorder, to the Mac. Simply put, this app will take your iTunes Radio stream, record it, and leave it for you to listen back to time and time again.

It works by selecting AirPlay Recorder as as an AirPlay device in iTunes. You then just start playing an iTunes Radio stream and let it work its magic recording each track you play. Recordings are then available as an audio file for you to listen to offline. A similar app was recently released for Android, offering the same functionality through the same exact process.

It's unclear how Apple may feel about this, and it isn't available through the Mac App Store – figures it would probably be rejected. But, grab it at the source link below and put it to work if it's something you've been wanting to do. It's a free download with the ability to record 10 second samples to check it out first, with a $9.99 price on the full version. Are you going to use this?

Source: DoubleTwist