Doxie Flip portable scanner runs on batteries, has transparent window

Doxie's latest portable scanner has an interesting ability: it flips over and lets you scan anything. Sure, you can use it to scan photos or paper, but if you turn it over you can scan small objects and notebooks too. What's more, the computer is optional. The new Doxie Flip costs $149, and works independently of a computer.

The Flip is battery-powered and about the size of a book. The lid is removable and the scanning window is transparent, so when you want to scan something - pages from a book, an object like a coin or stampe, or even the surface of a table or an interesting texture, you just flip it over and hit the scan button. The scanning area is about 4 x 6 inches, and a forthcoming software update (due in December) will automatically stitch together multiple images if you use your Flip to scan a larger surface.

The batteries last for about 200 scans, and each scan takes about seven seconds, according to Doxie's specs. The Flip saves files in JPG and PNG formats; if your Mac or PC doesn't include an SD card reader, they include a USB SD card reader (Apple makes a $29 cable that will enable you to import the images onto the iPad too).