Drafts for both iPhone and iPad go iOS 7 only in version 3.5

Drafts, one of the more popular text editor apps for both iPhone and iPad, upgraded to version 3.5 which brings with it Dropbox import, Google+ sharing, and a few other new features. Most notably, it's not only been updated with support for iOS 7, it's gone all in and became iOS 7 only.

If you're looking for a versatile text editor with sharing options and lots of third party support, Drafts is worth a long hard look. It's simply and easy to use and ties in lots of other apps such as Terminology, TextExpander, and more. Drafts also offers Markdown support.

For those of you not running iOS 7 yet, you should still be able to download the last compatible version due to the way the App Store works. Just be aware that new features will only come to iOS 7 and above.

If you've downloaded the updated version of Drafts, tell us what you think.

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