Drafts picks up Spotlight search, iPad multitasking, and a native watch app

Popular text editor Drafts has been updated with support for both iOS 9 and watchOS 2. Drafts has added support for Spotlight search, along with the new multitasking capabilities on the iPad, along with a native Apple Watch app.

In addition to these major updates, Drafts 4.5.3 adds new fixes and smaller updates. For everything that comes with this update, check out the list below:

  • Big iOS 9 Updates

    • All the big iOS 9 updates of 4.5.1. Spotlight, multitasking support and more
  • watchOS 2.0 app

    • All new, native watchOS 2.0 app.
    • Great performance and no issues with dictation failing when the watch sleeps.
    • Works when disconnected from iPhone.
  • Other Changes

    • [Fix] Sync could be very slow, or seem to stall, in certain cases.
    • [Fix] Share extension capture could result in duplicate draft.
    • [Fix] Setting the iPad Shortcut Bar setting on a custom key to "None" would not be properly saved.
    • [Fix] If "System" font was selected in appearance settings, a checkmark was not displayed indicating the selection.
    • [Fix] x-callback-url callback URLs might not fire properly.
    • [Change] Softened look of dark theme slightly.
    • [Change] Email and message action steps display should not display full screen on iPad.

You can download Drafts 4.5.3 for the iPhone and iPad right now from the App Store.

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