Drafts update takes your notes to even higher levels of ninja

Drafts, the fantastically convenient note taker from Agile Tortoise, has been updated to version 2.5 for iPhone and 1.5 for iPad. New features include Dropbox actions, URL actions, Share Actions, Action Directory, URL Callbacks, and Action Triggers. In other words, even higher level ninjary than Drafts already allowed.

  • Dropbox Actions : Drafts can now access your entire Dropbox folder, and you can create an unlimited number of custom actions to Create/Append/Prepend to files.
  • URL Actions : Create your own actions based on URL schemes to add support for websites and apps not already supported by Drafts' built-in actions.
  • Share Actions/Action Directory : Custom email, URL and Dropbox actions can be imported into any copy of Drafts using "Share" URLs generated by the app. We will also be maintaining an Action Directory (http://actions.getdrafts.com/) with predefined actions ready for import.
  • URL Callbacks and Action Triggers : Drafts' incoming URL schemes now support triggering actions and callbacks – so external apps can utilize Drafts' actions as services.

Drafts is the easiest way to jot down text first, figure out what you want to do with it, and where later. The update just makes an already great app greater. Hit software update to get the new version, or if you haven't tried it yet, hit the link below to buy it.

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