Draw Something update lets you comment, share, undo, save, and more!

Draw Something, the super-popular iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad app that lets players take turns guessing each others -- often comically bad -- pictures has been updated with a crayon box full of new features.

First off, you can now "say something" by commenting on drawings. That's right -- no more need to sarcastically scrawl your trash talk by hand before getting on with your own drawing.

You can also "share something" by posting your drawings directly to Facebook or Twitter. Buh Buy manual screen shots and uploading! (Not that we were trying to get our friends and followers to help us guess, of course...)

"Save something" lets you keep copies of your favorite drawings, or all your drawings, for posterity. Again, without the need for a manual screenshot.

The eraser will finally get a rest with "undo something" so you can make your last line nothing more than a memory.

And "refresh something" lets you use the popular pull-down technique to make sure you have the latest turns ready and waiting for you.

There don't appear to any major changes to the core interface, which could certainly use them from a design-perspective (though that's never come in the way of their success). The now Zynga-owned property promises more updates in the future, however, so we'll keep that hope alive.

Both the paid, $0.99 and the free version of Draw Something have been updated.

Have you tried out the new Draw Something yet? If so, let us know how you like the new features and make sure you jump into the iMore Forums so you can swap usernames and get your drawing on against other members of the iMore nation!

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