Dropbox's Mailbox app has been updated so that the auto-swipe feature launched earlier this year is way less janky. Though highly useful in many other respects, Mailbox has had a lot of issues with Auto-Swipe, which is supposed to learn your gestures and automate actions accordingly, but ended up being a little too liberal with its rule creation. Now you can swipe and hold to manually create auto-swipe actions. There are also new auto-swipe suggestions in the e-mail view. Miscellaneous improvements have been added across the board, including improvements to how attachments are handled.

Mailbox does some pretty clever stuff, and is quickly becoming a fully matured e-mail client. Obviously it's a breeze sharing big files with the tight Dropbox integration, but you'll find that the overall experience is extremely efficient and could very easily replace the native iOS mail app. Read up on how you can get Mailbox to play nice with Airmail to become a productivity powerhouse like Ally.

How many of you guys are using Mailbox? Was Auto-swipe causing you headaches? Are you finding performance better now with the update?

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