Apple's next iOS update is set to bring some awesome new functionality to the table, but there are some issues that arise with any major OS upgrade, including a compatibility issue with Dropbox and Carousel. The company has shared on Twitter that there's an issue with their own iPhone and iPad apps from backing up photos and videos. The good news is a fix is well on the way.

Update: The fix is available! Read on for details

Unfortunately, until this hotfix is released, Dropbox recommends users who upgrade to iOS 8 to refrain from clearing out old photos and videos. We'll also urge everyone to return to the old days and use a PC or Mac to back everything up, just in case. It's worth double checking that everything is safe.

We'll be sure to inform you all when the update has been rolled out. Note that this only affects those who upgrade to iOS 8.

Update: Dropbox didn't waste any time getting the fix ready. It's out. Just update Dropbox and Carousel to get the latest fixes. Here's the word straight from the Dropbox blog:

We've resolved the iOS 8 compatibility issue that prevents Dropbox and Carousel from properly backing up your photos and videos.

You'll need to download the latest version of our apps to get the fix. This will ensure automatic backups of photos and videos work on iOS 8.

Source: Twitter (DropBox), via: Engadget