Dropbox's Project Infinite lets you access all your files regardless of hard drive space

The team at Dropbox is constantly trying to assist in our storage troubles, and Project Infinite is another way the company hopes to alleviate some headaches. Often times companies and users are storing terabytes of information in Dropbox, way more than their computer hard drive can store locally.

Trying to access these files in the past has been clunky, but that is about to change. You will no longer need to bounce between the local app and web browser to find the files you are searching for. Dropbox notes that Project Infinite will bring teams a number of features, including:

  • Visibility in context. Every file you've been given access to—even ones that aren't stored locally—will appear in Windows File Explorer and Mac OS X Finder. You can quickly drill down through folders to find what you need, without the lag of a network drive or the inconvenience of a web app. Plus, you can view key info like file size, and creation and modification dates through your desktop file system, no downloading required.
  • Real-time access. Files and folders stored in the cloud can be organized with familiar drag-and-drop simplicity, right from the desktop. And when you need to open something from the cloud, just double-click it like any other file. Dropbox will automatically sync and open the file for you.
  • Universal compatibility. For IT teams, Project Infinite works the way your teams work, supporting cross-platform access and backwards-compatibility on any computer running Windows 7 or higher, or Mac OS X 10.9 and up. IT teams can bring the power of Project Infinite to the systems they manage and you can share and collaborate with ease.

Locally synced files will continue to have the blue check that we are used to seeing, while files not stored locally will gain a new cloud-shaped icon.

Jared DiPane

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  • Finally!!! The whole point of having cloud storage (at least for me) is to not have to have a huge local SSD. Now I will finally get a paid Dropbox account. External HDD will still be used for redundancy. Yayyyyy!!!
  • About time! This has been available with BitTorrent Sync for some time now and is so useful when syncing between my iMac & MacBook Air. Hope it will be available for all Dropbox users, not just business. Sent from the iMore App
  • Yes, please tell me this will be available for all Dropbox users. I will gladly pay the $$ to upgrade if necessary, just don't limit this functionality to business users.