A refreshing new first-person shooter game for iOS was announced recently called The Drowning. It's being built by some of the folks that worked on Halo, Battlefield, and Far Cry, so as you'd expect the graphics look absolutely spectacular so far, but that's not even the most interesting thing about the game.

The main thing these guys are trying to do is revamp the way FPS titles are played on mobile, and that means ditching the dual-stick layout. Instead, they're trying out a new layout where one taps to shoot and swipes to turn around. Players fire with two fingers instead of one, as you might expect; the shots land in between where two fingers tap, and pinching zooms down the sights. Weapons will be craftable (!) and upgradeable, apparently. Besides all that, the game's story seems extremely interesting, which you can get a taste of in the trailer below.

That's an interesting twist on the classic mobile first-person shooter, especially in the wake of Modern Combat 4, which leans heavily on the dual joystick layout (though there is the option for gyro controls). Expect The Drowning to launch on iPhone and iPad early next year for free. More info is available at their home page over here