Duke Nukem II arriving on iPhone and iPad in April3DRelams and Interceptor Entertainment have announced that they will be releasing Duke Nukem II for the iPhone and iPad in April. The Duke Nukem gaming series will be fondly remembered by millions of older gamers as a side scrolling shooter type game with all the carnage and shooting you could possible wish for.

In 1993 Apogee released Duke Nukem II. Its explosive action made it an instant side-scrolling classic. 20 years later, Interceptor Entertainment and 3DRealms have teamed up to bring Duke Nukem II back. Duke Nukem II for iOS lets you experience this 90′s classic all over again on the most popular gaming platform in the world!

The iOS game will be based around how it looked and played back in 1993 with smooth side scrolling action, VGA graphics, 256 eye popping colors, kick ass weapons, 32 action packed levels, full touchscreen support, new artwork and music.

If you are already excited by this upcoming release, take a look at the reveal trailer below; if you remember and loved the original then you are not going to be disappointed with this one. Duke Nukem II will be arriving in the App Store next month and will cost $1.99.

Source: Interceptor Entertainment