john-dvorak.jpgTech curmudgeon John C. Dvorak (inventor of the pot belly stove, Lava lamps, and incessant whining) says he's had enough of all this iPhone hype. His prescription to the problem is for all of us to shut and move on with our lives, tend to our compost piles, pick flowers, that sort of thing.

I know at least two guys who are big fans of this unseen phone. It is all they talk about no matter what the topic of conversation. Both have glassy eyes and stare straight ahead. You talk football and the conversation switches to the iPhone. You talk baseball and the conversation switches to the iPhone. TV, movies, stock market, community theater—it all switches to the iPhone. "Yes, what about them Raiders? Many players will buy the iPhone, I bet. Yes. I think so. They will. They will have to, I think."