games for iPhone

Fanboys aren't the only ones wanting to install games on iPhone. Developers at Electronic Arts (EA) and PopCap, see iPhone as a viable gaming handheld and a potentially lucrative market. So much so in fact that the folks at PopCap aren't waiting for Apple to open its walled garden to developers. The popular maker of mobile game titles says iPhone is already on its roadmap for future game development, and has a few projects in the works. Andrew Stein, PopCap's director of mobile business development recently told Reuters...

"We don't typically make announcements about what's in the pipeline, but based on the success of 'Bejeweled', we're looking pretty closely at the iPhone."

EA echoed similar intentions. Travis Boatman, EA's Vice President of worldwide studios for the mobile division (there's a mouthful title, I'd hate to see this guys business card) said...

"We're huge believers in the iPhone and believe that's going to be a viable market going forward," It has an amazing interface for games and there are lots of beautiful things you can do with that touch interface."

The message here is clear - developers see iPhone as a platform, not a product. Unfortunately Apple still sees things being the other way round, at least publicly. An increasing number of anxious developers aren't waiting for Apple's answer, or SDK, and taking initiative. Applications are coming, with or without the blessing of Cupertino.

iPhone as a gaming device - it's coming folks...slowly but surely.