We got a super-early look at an upcoming shooter game from Chillingo at E3 2014 appropriately dubbed Mech. The free-to-play shooter pits players in highly customized mechs with intuitive dual-stick controls for controlling your movement and facing. Currently the game rests on a straightforward one-on-one deathmatch, but we don't expect the final product to be available until later this year; additional game modes seem more than likely.

Players earn currency as they rack up victories, which can be spent on upgrading weapons and frames on their favorite mechs. As a freemium title, players are able to fast-track their way through progress in Mech, which can be dicey territory when working primarily in multiplayer. Certainly in my few matches, it was very clear who had spent cash to power up, though this early on, one can expect some serious rebalancing before launch.

Mech still felt very raw and early in development, but holds a lot of promise. 3D online multiplayer mech games are in short supply on mobile, and even elsewhere, you'll only be well-served by titles like Hawken. Though those PC and console mech games offer a higher amount of customization (which is the real bread and butter of these game types), the current three options types in this iOS title are enough to keep the strategic options interesting. The core gameplay of managing mobility, cooldowns, and reload times are intact and should offer sufficient challenge to those looking for a competitive shooter on mobile.

We'll be keeping tabs on Mech as it inches closer to release, but for thse interested, you can find more information about the upcoming game at their website. Anybody interested? What was the last great mech game you've played?