The official eBay app for iPhone just got a nice update that brings a UI refresh to the online auction service. The bump up to version 3.0 adds a general refresh to most areas of the app, and improves photos in listings making them now much larger and better looking. Photos also now look larger in search results at the tap of a button, though iOS 6 and above is required for this.

Beyond the visuals, U.S. customers in selected states now have the facility to scan their drivers license for quick and easy eBay registration. Also available to U.S. customers now, along with those of us in the UK is access to the new eBay shopping cart, giving you the option to checkout multiple items at once.

Sellers in Spain will also be happy to know that finally they can sell their wares using the eBay app, as this feature has been turned on in the latest version. Grab it from the App Store now, and be sure to let us know how you're finding it. Does it make your eBay experience a little better now?

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