Daily Tip: How to sell your old iPad after upgrading to iPad 2

eBay will be offering up some pretty good trade-in deals for your used iPad 2 via their Instant Sale trade-in program. Regardless whether your iPad is in working condition or not, eBay has something for you. These values are only valid for a limited time and you'll need to lock in by Saturday, March 10th

While iPads aren't the only tablets eBay is taking, this may be of particular interest to users who want to upgrade to the new iPad but need to get rid of their existing tablet before shelling out the cash.

Values vary greatly depending on whether your iPad is in working condition or not. A good condition 64GB AT&T iPad 2 with wifi and 3G will get you $475. As long as you lock in a trade-in by March 10th, you'll get that amount as long as you have it postmarked by March 20th.

After securing their guaranteed eBay Instant Sale trade-in value anytime between today and Midnight PT on Saturday, March 10, customers have until Tuesday, March 20 to postmark their tablet for trade-in using the free shipping label provided. Customers will receive payment in the amount of the trade-in value they initially secured once the tablet is received and its condition is verified, even if values decline from the time the customer locks-in their offer to when they ship the item. 

If you're looking for a quick way to off your old tablet, this may be it. If you're a bit more patient, you can probably get quite a bit more selling it on your own on eBay or Craigslist.

Hit the link below for a list of values.

Source: eBay Instant Sale

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