We met up with Glen Aspeslagh of Ecamm at Macworld|iWorld 2013 to talk about PhoneView, their iOS device backup and file explorer utility for Mac, and Printopia Pro, their bigger, more enterprise friendly printing software.

PhoneView lets you plug your iOS device into your Mac and do all sorts of amazing things, not only letting you backup every bit of your device, but also explore and extract things like SMS/MMS/iMessages so you can save them or print them out, and copy off game data so you can switch devices without losing your progress.

Printopia lets you use iOS AirPrint with printers that don't come with built-in support. Basically, it takes any printer your Mac can reach, and makes it available to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

Glen and his brother Ken are outstanding at not only finding pain points in the Apple and iOS ecosystems, but on figuring out how it works (or doesn't) and programming software that fixes it.

I keep PhoneView backups of all my devices, just in case of iCloud or iTunes failure, and like I said in the video, I have friends who are still alive only because PhoneView let them save their spouses' game data.

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