Echoes is a modern take on the PA system

Echoes is a new take on voice announcements using your Mac. The app lets you send voice announcements to other computers on your local network without any fuss.

To get started, select the menu bar icon. From there, you can announce to all connected computers, or select which individual recipients should receive your message. After clicking Announce, capture your message with the simple recording interface. When you're finished, hit Send, and your message will play for all intended recipients. The menu item also lets you mute announcements, cancel a current one, or resend your last if you need to.

You can configure things like shortcuts in the settings. Shortcut keys let you select recipients, create a quick reply to the last person to send an announcement, and even a quick toggle to announce to all. You can also choose to pause iTunes during announcements, as well as what microphone you'll use for them.

Echoes is available in the Mac App Store at the introductory price of $9.99, which is only available for a limited time.

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