What made noted Microsoft reporter Ed Bott finally give up on Windows Phone and switch to an iPhone 6 Plus? Was it the lack of flagship phones? The lack of apps? No. It was Verizon's unwillingness to approve software updates in a timely manner and Microsoft's inability to compel them forward. ZDNET:

After waiting in vain for months, I've finally given up. I used the Nokia Software Recovery Tool to restore the factory software to my Lumia Icon and put it on the shelf until Microsoft and Verizon figure things out. In the meantime, I've switched to an iPhone 6 Plus.

Bott only gets reliable signal from Verizon in his area, so changing carriers isn't an option for him. Staying on Windows Phone and not getting the updates, which include the Siri-like Cortana, their version of Notification Center, camera improvements, and more, was also not an option. So, iPhone 6 Plus.

To Apple's credit, timely, universal updates is something they nailed with the original iPhone back in 2007. Carriers still have to sign off on each and every update, of course, but they have to get it done in time for the world-wide rollout. And then it goes out to everyone on every carrier all at the same time.

Just like app quality and AppleCare, it's one of the huge benefits of being on Apple's platform.