Eddy Cue, Senior VP of Internet Software and Services, Apple

9to5Mac scored a copy of an internal memo from new CEO, Tim Cook, announcing that Apple's Eddy Cue is getting a promotion from VP of iTunes, MobileMe, and App Store, to Senior VP of Internet Software and Services, and putting him on the exec team.

Team, It is my pleasure to announce the promotion of Eddy Cue to Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services. Eddy will report to me and will serve on Apple’s executive management team.

Eddy oversees Apple’s industry-leading content stores including the iTunes Store, the revolutionary App Store and the iBookstore, as well as iAd and Apple’s innovative iCloud services.

He is a 22-year Apple veteran and leads a large organization of amazing people. He played a major role in creating the Apple online store in 1998, the iTunes Music Store in 2003 and the App Store in 2008.

Apple is a company and culture unlike any other in the world and leaders like Eddy get that. Apple is in their blood. Eddy and the entire executive management team are dedicated to making the best products in the world that delight our customers and make our employees incredibly proud of what they do.

Please join me in congratulating Eddy on this significant and well-deserved promotion. I have worked with Eddy for many years and look forward to working with him even closer in the future.

The move changes the top line of execs showcased on Apple's official bios page as well, so read into that what you may. (i.e. Voltron's got a new yellow lion arm)

Cue was famously put in charge of MobileMe following its less than stellar launch, and Setve Jobs' subsequent march through the halls with a flame thrower. He also took the stage with Rupert Murdoch to launch the Daily and unveil Apple's subscription news service.

Best wishes and congratulations to Eddy Cue in his new roll. Can't wait to see what it brings us.

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