Editorial for iPad gets thoroughly reviewed, found to be awesome

Editorial for iPad by OMZ-Software bills itself as powerful markdown editing and workflow automation, and they're absolutely not joking around when they say that. It's a got a full-on Python interpreter built-in, which means if you can script it, you can pretty much do it. How do I know that? Because Federico Viticci has put it through its paces. If you're familiar with Ticci, Editorial for iPad is pretty much the app he was born and bred to review, and this 10k review is pretty much his Pietà. Seriously, I have no idea how much espresso had to die for this review to live. From MacStories.net:

This is it. Editorial sets a new standard for third-party iOS automation, and, for me, there's no going back. I can work smarter, faster, and more fluently with Editorial than any other app, on any platform. I wish iOS had a workflow system like Editorial.

If you're a power writer and you want to be better empowered to write on your iPad, go read the rest of Ticci's review, then go buy Editorial for iPad and tell me how it works for you!

Source: MacStories.net

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