Editor's Desk: Just. Breathe.

My stress level seldom goes above a 7. (Roofs are a rare exception!) I have Georgia to thank for that. She taught me her ZEN & TECH breathing kung-fu and I'm using all of them right now. Here's why:

  • We're launching Talk Mobile 2013 tomorrow. It might just be the biggest launch we've ever done here at Mobile Nations. It's definitely the biggest launch I've ever helped run here. A bunch of us have been working around the clock getting it ready. I can't wait to sleep again, but even more than that, I can't wait for everyone to see it. I hope you love it as much as we do!
  • I leave for New York City in the wee hours of Thursday morning. We're holding a massive (500+ person) party at Arena that night, and there's a ton of stuff to get ready. I'll be in NYC until Saturday, at which point I leave straight from there for San Francisco, because...
  • We're only a week away now. WWDC 2013 starts Monday after next. Apple hasn't held a keynote event since last October's iPad and Mac refresh, so the already high levels of anticipation are absolutely through the roof. iOS 7. OS X 10.9. iCloud. Mac hardware. We're looking forward to all of it, and for the next week all of us here at iMore will be sharing our wish-lists for each and every one.
  • WWDC also means the return of the iMore Hall of Fame. Now in its second year, we're sticking to our criteria: for developers and designers to be considered, their app has to be at least 5 years old, it has to have had an influence over the entire industry, and we're only inducting a maximum of 5 new entrants a year. We'll be posting one a day next week, leading up to WWDC, where we'll be handing out the actual, physical awards. More on that tomorrow!
  • We've got something big coming up tonight. Yes, on top of everything else. Keep your attention locked to iMore. You won't be sorry.

Apologies for keeping it brief, but there's work to be done!

And... breathe!