All that prep work I've been doing in New York City for the last few weeks? It jumps to warp speed tomorrow and I, along with my fellow Mobile Nations editors, Phil Nickinson, Daniel Rubino, and Kevin Michaluk, along with the enormously talented Cali Lewis and John P, will be pretty much offline most days this week.

I'll still pop in as much as possible, and I'll share via @reneritchie on Twitter, ADN, and Instagram as much as I can. Apple earnings are coming up on Tuesday, so at the very least I'll make sure I'm around for that.

Meanwhile, our new editor, Peter Cohen, starts tomorrow, and Leanna, Ally, Joe, as well as Chris and Simon will be around to keep things running.

We're going to have a ton of stuff coming your way and soon, so please excuse me for a few while we all work our asses off to make it so.

Photo: safe solvent