Pre-orders are now open at EE UK for the iPhone 5 and as well as giving you the ability to get your order in quick I am pleased to say they have some new data packages to cope with the ever evolving cloud options that us smartphone users now get. Users will also have the option to switch over to the 4G service once it goes live here in the UK. As you would imagine prices of Apples new iPhone are pretty steep but EE have some nice options depending on which model and which data allowance you will require. The following information I have acquired from the Orange website, however T-Mobile do have some slight alternatives.

On Orange the phone will be available on four tariffs all with unlimited texts and calls. The 16GB version of the device will be free on the £46 and £51 per month plans for 3GB and unlimited internet respectively, with an up-front cost for the phone of £109.99 on the cheapest available plan – £36 with 1GB of data. Prices for the 32GB and 64GB range from £39.99 to £269.99. The cheapest plan available on T-Mobile costs £36 per month for unlimited data, texts and 2,000 minutes with the an up-front cost of £109 for the 16GB version, £219 for the 32GB version and £269 for the 64GB handset. Full Monty plans are also available at £41, £46 and £61 per month with the most expensive plan charging £19 for the 16GB handset, £29 for the mid-range and £139 for the 64GB iPhone 5. So many options but that is a good thing in my book. Roll on release day!

Source: EE via mobilenewscwp