EE wants to help customers block intrusive adverts on smartphones

No one likes adverts, but they do help fund various services and online properties (including Mobile Nations!). While many see them as a way to support the content they enjoy, there are times when adverts can be intrusive or downright obstructive, especially on mobile. UK mobile operator EE is stepping in to lend customers a hand.

The mobile network is looking into technology that will allow smartphone owners to control advertising they see when browsing the web. It's reported that such a rollout could lose the mobile advertising market up to £2 billion ($3 billion). The network would allow customers to restrict the quantity and type of advertising that hits their mobile hardware.

The company will look at options for creating tools that would enable the blockage of certain forms of ads, including banners, pop-ups and videos that automatically play. It should be noted that not all advertisements will be blocked. Just those that would usually make you scream at the display and curse the company or product being featured.

EE CEO Olaf Swantee told The Sunday Telegraph:

"We think it's important that, over time, customers start to be offered more choice and control over the level and intensity of ads on mobile. For EE, this is not about ad blocking, but about starting an important debate around customer choice, controls and the level of ads customers receive. This is an important debate that needs to happen soon. That's why we've kicked off a strategic review internally to start considering our plans."

Swantee states that not all advertising is bad (and many would agree with the view), but the market is certainly open to abuse. Would you welcome the move by operators to intervene and help prevent the more annoying adverts from reaching your mobile browser?

Source: The Sunday Telegraph

  • YES!!!!!!!!
  • I bet they won't block their own adverts.
  • I suspect this is 'removed adverts from websites so we can inject our own adverts' rather than 'remove bandwidth hogging adverts'. It will be all about the revenue most likely
  • I don’t mind betting that in an ad free world we’ll all pay more for products and services, we now take for granted as ‘free'.
  • To be honest, o2 and EE are stepping up recently. Three seems to have stagnated. No new devices recently (iPad Mini 4/Pro) on sale, raising their prices... etc.
  • O2's signal is really bad in my area, and EE are ridiculously expensive. Plus Three is the only one to offer truly unlimited data on pay as you go. Three are still my favourite network Sent from the iMore App
  • Still waiting for them to get the Mini or Pro on sale. The tetherng restriction they have is a bit annoying too. O2 where I am is a bit dodgy for internet, but normal signal is brilliant. EE the opposite.
  • Strangely enough as an EE customer myself I'm not sure that I do welcome it. Now that there's tools on iOS to block stuff I feel it's all a bit late. There's websites that have non-intrusive ads that I want to support so I user a content blocker that allows me to whitelist such sites.
    The people it will help are those that are less tech-savvy but I have little time or sympathy for such people; if you're going on to the internet you should be clued up rather than expecting to be bailed out by others because you're too lazy to learn.
  • Techradar are terrible with ads also I'm currently with Three at the moment but I will be leaving them and joining Tesco Mobile. Does anyone know if Tesco Mobile are good with blocking ads? Posted via the iMore App