Eight Android phones to buy instead of the 8 GB iPhone 5c

Apple on Tuesday quietly introduced a new iPhone 5c model to select European and Asian markets today with a lower price tag but half the storage capacity; 8 GB, for - in the UK anyway, about £40 less than its 16 GB counterpart. You can read all about it here.

Reaction so far - judging by my totally unscientific Twitter observations and the comments in our own forums - has been pretty tepid. People seem unimpressed with what they perceive as a fairly small price difference for a significantly reduced amount of storage capacity.

And really, who can blame them. It's not a terrific value on a phone whose sales haven't exactly set charts on fire to begin with.

Our friends over at Android Central have rounded up eight Android phones that new phone buyers should consider beside the 8 GB iPhone 5c. If you've decided that the 8 GB iPhone 5c is the last straw and you'd rather just abuse yourself with an Android phone, head on over and take a look.