Electro Chuck, an adventure/skill game for iPhone, is now available. The goal of the game is to tilt your iPhone to steer Chuck through all the levels without touching the electric line. The more centered and precise you are, the more points you get!

  • Using the accelerometer, tilt your phone to steer Chuck and avoid the electric line. You’ll need all the skills and cold blood you can get.
  • Tap the screen behind Chuck to stretch and jump over enemies and/or collect bonuses.
  • Collect 3 stars per level. By collecting all 30 stars in a world, unlock the current world’s arcade mode.
  • Stay precisely centered on the line to gain more points.
  • Collect bonus multipliers to increase your scores and remain at the top of the leaderboard.
  • Full game center integration.
  • Tons of crazy achievements to unlock. And don’t be thinking they’re all so easy!
  • Show off to your friends by sharing your scores on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Easy to learn but difficult to master. Will your skills take you to the next level or will your friends leave you in the shadows?!
  • New levels on the way in the next update.

If you pick this one up, let us know what you think! Check out the screenshots after the break.

[$0.99 - iTunes link]

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