The Elements in Action for iOS lets you learn about the periodic table by seeing the elements in action

The Elements in Action is an education app for both iPhone and iPad that lets you explore all the different elements around us through short video clips and descriptions. Tap any element to read a short summary about it and watch a video of how it reacts with other elements and objects.

Whether you're an adult with a fascination for science or a parent trying to help a child study, The Elements in Action is sure to hold the attention of everyone involved. There isn't a lot to read which is a great selling point with kids. The videos are also short and to the point so you can make your way through several of them fairly quickly.

Pulling out the side bar lets you search for specific elements. Since the period table inside The Elements of Action shows small thumbnails, you'll need that search bar for times when you don't know exactly where something it located on the chart.

The Elements in Action is a universal download but if you've got an iPad, the experience is much better due to the larger screen and the text not overlapping part of the video.

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