Elements for Dropbox updated with refreshed interfaces and more

Elements for iPhone and iPad is a slick text editor that supports Markdown and Dropbox. It has been updated with the new Dropbox 1.0 API as well as other improvements to the interface and overall experience.

Although the main purpose of the this update was to get Elements on the Dropbox SDK, Second Gear developer Justin Williams let us know that it evolved into so much more.

I spent a lot of time refining, tweaking and improving the overall Elements experience for long-time users and hopefully new ones to come. In fact, this is the biggest release in terms of code changed since our original 1.0 way back in August of 2010.

Some of these new improvements include a refreshed file browser interface, the addition of item count to the file list toolbar, and Elements will now remember what file or directory you were last viewing.

For those unfamiliar with Elements, it's a text (.txt) editor that lets you create, view, and preview Markdown. Elements stores all your files and data on Dropbox so that you can access them from anywhere, including from your favorite text editor for Mac or PC.

Elements also has MultiMarkdown support, saves automatically, includes full text search, word counts, line counts, and character counts. If you want to jot down a few ideas or store random bits of information, Elements includes a Scratchpad just for that.

This is a fantastic update to the already great Elements for Dropbox and all I have left to ask is -- when are we getting Elements for Mac?!

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