Back view of two ElevationDock 4 devices, one black and one white

ElevationLab announced in a blog post today that its newest dock, the ElevationDock 4, is available for preorder. The company says the new dock was designed specifically based on customer feedback of its previous docks, so if you've been missing a feature that would improve your docking experience, the ElevationDock 4 might have it.

Aesthetically, the dock has a minimal look and is designed to take up as little space as possible, making it perfect for desks and bedside tables. The dock also features a medical-grade silicone overmolded body and an MFi-certified Apple-manufactured Lightning connector. The most notable physical characteristics, however, are the stainless steel adjustment knobs. Not only are they beautiful, they also allow you to adjust the dock to fit Apple devices and accessories of varying sizes.

If your iPhone has a case on it, no problem there either: The dock can accommodate phones with cases up to 3.5mm thick. In addition to all that, you can adjust the back angle of the device for optimal setup. Best of all, the dock is specifically designed to be operated one-handed, which isn't something most charging docks can offer.

Side view of three ElevationDock 4 devices with various Apple products docked on them

The ElevationDock 4 costs $59, and comes in either black with a five-foot long braided black cord, or white with a five-foot long braided blue cord. It's compatible with Apple iPhones, iPads, AirPods, keyboards and AppleTV remotes — anything with a Lightning port. You can preorder it now on the Elevation Lab website. Shipping will begin in two weeks.

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