Third-party accessory maker ElevationLab has released a new dock for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus called the ElevationDock 3. The new dock follows up on the manufacturers previous ElevationDock 2 with some slight changes to the design and a couple of new color options.

The ElevationDock 3 comes is a finished aluminum build in your choice of gray, black, red, or blue. One of the most notable features of the dock is what ElevationLab calls the "NanoPad" that sits on the bottom of the dock and locks it into place on your desk or table, making one-handed removal of your device that much easier.

Some other notable aspects of the dock are the bumpers on the interior of the dock for some added support for the device, and a wide base that should help support your iPhone 6 Plus with even bulky cases. As an added bonus, the ElevationDock 3 also comes with an MFi certified charging cable in the box, so you won't have to sacrifice the one that came with your phone to use it.

As far as price is concerned, the ElevationDock 3 runs a slightly hefty $89 for the silver variant, while black, red, and blue will run you $99. The dock is available starting today, so if you'd like to check it out further or snag one for yourself, you can hit up the link below to get started.

  • $89 (silver)/$99 (black, red, blue) - Buy Now