Eve Light Switch installed on a wall.

Eve Light Switch on a wall.

One of the peskiest hurdles in home automation is replacing your current home setup and re-learning habits. You go from flipping switches on walls to commanding virtual assistants with your voice or poking at a phone with your finger. And while you eventually do pick up the new habits, it can be a struggle instructing guests on how to control the lighting, heating and cooling, fans, blinds, etc. in your home.

Eve Light Switch in a box.

Elgato's new Eve Light Switch solves this problem by combining the familiarity of a light switch with the convenience and — I'll admit it — coolness of home automation.

Elgato isn't the first company to offer a HomeKit-enabled light switch. Lutron's Caséta Wireless line has HomeKit-enabled switches and dimmers. The difference, however, is that Lutron's line requires a centralized hub — one you have to purchase separately. The Eve Light Switch uses Bluetooth LE that's built right into the switch, so you don't need a separate hub.

Also, thanks to Apple's HomeKit and the new Home app in iOS 10, you can control the light switch when you're away from home — you just need an iPad or Apple TV to serve as a Home Hub.

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You can learn more about the Eve Light Switch on Elgato's site.

I'll be kicking the tires on the Eve Light Switch soon. In the meantime, check out all our HomeKit and Home app coverage at any of the links below!




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