Dave wrote in asking TiPb how he could email full size, full quality photos from his iPhone 3GS. Sounds simple, right, but by default if you go into Camera Roll choose one or more photos, and then choose Share, the iPhone will crunch the image(s) down to 800x600.

If, however, you use the copy command, then exit, go to email, and use paste to insert the images, the iPhone will keep them at their full 2048x1526 size.

Of course, increased resolution means increased file size, in our test case 816KB vs. 104KB for a single photo, so keep that in mind before trying to attach 10 full res photos and then wondering why it takes forever for the email to send and your buddy's tiny free-mail account bounces it back for exceeding maximum capacity...

But for people like Dave who just need to get a few, high quality shots off via email, this looks like a great work around.

[Geek.ThinkUnique.org via DaringFireball]