Enjoy full width banner notifications on your iPad with NCPad [jailbreak]

NCPad for iPad forces banner notifications to stretch the entire length of the screen whether you're in portrait or landscape mode. This allows more information to be viewed than what iOS allows with stock banner notifications.

I've always found the way that banners were handled under stock iOS to be a bit funny. They stretch across the entire width of your iPhone so why not your iPad? NCPad for iPad solves this problem rather elegantly and with minimal effort on your part. Once you install the tweak there's virtually nothing to set up or configure. Your banner notifications will now utilize the entire width of the iPad screen regardless of what orientation you're in.

If you frequently use Twitter, Facebook, or receive iMessages on your iPad you'll notice that the extra width of the banners allows iOS to show you more information in previews than it does stock. In many cases, I can now read an entire notification on my iPad without even having to pop into that application to read it, especially when in landscape mode.

I'm personally hoping some refinements to Notification Center for the iPad will come with iOS 6 but until then NCPad can help make Notification Center feel a little less awkward on your iPad. It's free so give it a go and less us know what you think.

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