Enlight is a photo-editing multitool for iPhone from the developers of Facetune

There are a wide variety of tools available in Enlight, all divided into sections. For instance, your Canvas section holds tools to help you manipulate the size and orientation of your image, such as cropping and skewing. The Image section is all about adjusting color, exposure, and clarity. There's a dedicated section for filters as well.

You can add different stylistic touches to your photos as well. You could make an image look like a painting or a sketch, you can doodle on it with the drawing tools, add text, or a frame, if you like. When you're done, you can choose to save your photo to your Camera Roll, as well as share it over email, Messages, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more. Enlight uses both its own custom share sheet and the built-in iOS sheet.

Enlight is currently available for $3.99 to celebrate its launch, 50% off its regular price of $7.99.

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