Full Sprint Epic 4G review - Galaxy Tab preview


Phil and Dieter over at sibling site Android Central have gone a little Samsung Galaxy-class crazy, with a full review of the Sprint Epic 4G and an advanced look at the Galaxy Tab tablet (including hands-on video and spec shootout vs. our own iPad).

So is the Epic 4G... epic?

Compared to the other Samsung Galaxy S phones, the Sprint Epic 4G has a leg up in several departments. There's the keyboard, of course, which is pretty darn good. Not perfect, but above average. The addition of a 4G radio is a big plus. But along with that comes a slightly higher phone bill, and battery usage. (Same is true with the Evo 4G, of course.)

And is the Galaxy Tab fit for launch?

As it is, we can't say for sure just how the Galaxy Tab will fare - its fate is tied to the release date, carrier customization, and most-of-all app support from developers. It's not enough that the Tab has access to the market, it needs Android apps that by hook-or-crook take advantage of this extra screen size and the powerful processor. Samsung's fate isn't entirely out of their hands, though, as we still have yet to hear the full Media Hub story for getting ahold of video content.

Based on our short time we think the Tab should be on your short list, but while Samsung has made a great device here, the devil will be in those carrier/pricing/app details.

Epic 4G seems like it will be another monster. Galaxy Tab is harder to predict given the "pad" market didn't really exist before March. Are there enough people who want a "pad" just not an iPad to create a competitive market like we have for smartphones?