Apple has been trying to launch its own Internet-based TV service for a while, and ESPN president John Skipper is apparently supportive of Apple's efforts. In a new interview, Skipper stated that the sports TV network continues to have "ongoing conversations" with Apple, but he hinted at previous rumors that Apple has encountered issues in its talks with other networks.

In December, rumors hit the Internet that Apple ended talks with TV networks over the streaming service, due to Apple's wishes that consumers could sign up for smaller bundles of channels. Those content providers didn't care for those plans, and Skipper hinted about those issues in a chat today with The Wall Street Journal.

They are creating a significantly advantageous operating system and a great television experience and that television experience is fabulous for sports. We are big proponents of believing it would be a fabulous place to sell some subscriptions. We have ongoing conversations. They have been frustrated by their ability to construct something which works for them with programmers. We continue to try to work with them.

At the moment it would appear that the new Apple TV set-top box is the company's main television focus.

Source: The Wall Street Journal