EVE Online has released the Tiamat feature bundle. Tiamat follows the Rhea content bundle as the second such release in 2015. The content pack adds a number of new ships, tools, balance fixes, and more.

Tiamat adds the Minmatar Svipul, a new tactical destroyer that lets you change dynamically between defensive, propulsion, and sharpshooter modes in response to your needs. There are also new tools for corporations, including whether or not friendly fire will be policed by the in-game policing units.

There are a few smaller changes as well. Projectile weapons have been rebalanced, with improvements to the quality and variety of ammunition, particularly for small artillery and autocannons. Tweaks have also been made to the game's audio and effects, and the visuals have been enhanced with the game's new rendering system.

You can download EVE Online for free right now on Mac of Windows, with a 14-day free trial available to new players. After your trial, the game will cost $14.95 per month to continue playing.