Evernote's app for iPhone and iPad is getting a nice update today with a business card reader feature that ties in closely with LinkedIn. After taking a picture of a business card through Evernote, a new cloud-stored note can be created with all of the important contact fields populated by information on the card and whatever it can pull in from a LinkedIn match. From there you can import the contact to your device's Address Book or shoot out a LinkedIn connection invite.

Business card scanning is a feature Evernote has been rocking in their people-centric app, Hello, for a little while now, and it's good to see it get nestled into the core app. As a guy who picks up a lot of business cards at trade shows, this is going to be really handy. The only pitfall is that the feature is reserved for premium subscribers, though Evernote is offering a year of scanning for those that connect to LinkedIn. How many business cards do you get in a year? What do you end up doing with them?

The Evernote update is available now in the iOS App Store, and will be arriving soon for Android on Google Play.

Source: Evernote

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