Evernote has announced a new feature for premium subscribers called Context, which suggests content based what you're writing in your notes. As you write on the iPhone, iPad, or Mac app, suggested documents will pop up.

From there you can easily check them out from within the app and pull in cited quotations. This content can be from your own Evernote files, shared documents from colleagues, or articles from around the web. Wall Street Journal is one of the headlining partners, along with a handful of others.

As always, Evernote helps you keep all of your little scraps of text in order and synced across multiple devices through the cloud. Multimedia support and rich text editing provide all of the bells and whistles you could need from a text editor, while tags and notebooks help keep everything organized. A selection of physical products and new stuff like Context really do give the standard in connected writing, Google Docs, a run for its money.

Source: Evernote

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