Every single Apple ad now unofficially available in an iTunes playlistApple has always produced amazing adverts that are often as cool as its products. Thankfully one loyal Apple follower has taken the time to create a YouTube playlist that he claims includes every single television ad that Apple has created. Apple has created a lot of great ads for its products, the playlist contains a massive 485 videos.

YES, EVERY APPLE TV ADS EVER BROADCASTED! There's a lot to discover in the Playlists - Go watch! Ads missing? Let me know.

Who could forget the classic iPod ads featuring dancing silhouettes and rhythmic music, the multitude of ads based on the Mac versus PC war. More recently Apple has focused on features like the iPhone’s ability to take panoramic photographs and of course the ability to access all corners of the screen on the iPhone 5’s larger screen with one hand. Of course not all of them have been great, the recent Genius ads were a bit of a fail but there are certainly many more great ads than bad.

You can see them all over at YouTube although we don’t know how long they will last as it is not an official Apple source. If you have some time to kill and love all things Apple, you can do a lot worse than sit back and enjoy some or all of these ads. If you watch any, make sure to let us know which ones you liked best.

Source: YouTube via TNW