Everything is a remix - the popular series that showed how films, including Star Wars, are never as original as we think they may be - has shifted attention towards the iPhone. In the video above, Kirby Ferguson highlights both the real-world object influence on the original iPhone design (skeuomorphism) and the influence of Android and Windows Phone on iOS 7.

I'd quibble that webOS doesn't get the credit it deserves, but the point is this: almost everything is derivative. The important thing is whether the derivation becomes something more and pushes the state of the art farther forward.

"Great artists steal" doesn't mean replication or deliberate confusion, it means inspiration. No artist is happy signing someone else's work. They're happy learning from it and then eclipsing it.

Apple has seldom if ever been first-to-market with any new technology. Indeed, their success has been predicated upon not being first-for-the-few, but on being best-for-the-most.

The were command lines before the Apple II, graphical user interfaces before the Mac, and multitouch before the iPhone, but they weren't accessible to most people most of the time. Mainstreaming technology, making it not just affordable but approachable, is the strength of Apple's particular kind of remix.

Source: Kirby Ferguson