Evomail updated with Dropbox and Box support, lots of new in-app settings, and more

I just recently did a review of Evomail and came away extremely impressed with what it brought to the table when it comes to alternative mail clients. It's now been updated with even more great features including Dropbox and Box support for attachments. Other new additions include the ability to upload custom avatars for each account, a much more robust in-app settings panel, and more.

For users of Evomail, you can now upload photos as attachments not only from the camera or your library but from Dropbox or Box as well. That means you can pretty much attach whatever kind of file you'd like and Evomail can just create a share link to it. Other notable features include an in-app settings panel with many more customization options such as defaulting replies to reply all, descending threads, and more.

The new update to Evomail should address some quirks and oddities that some users have been experiencing including an issue where certain Yahoo! accounts that didn't end in @yahoo.com weren't acting properly. In other words, if you use Yahoo! with a custom domain, you'll want to grab the update.

Other features in the update include general enhancements to existing features and overall stability improvements. The developers say more is coming soon so be on the look out! You can grab the current update via the link below.

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