The fantasy-themed role-playing game is free to download and play for Apple's newly launched smartwatch. While gamers play Runeblade on the Apple Watch itself, they will need to go to their iPhone to buy items from the game's Black Market. Here's a quick description of Runeblade:

Set in a magical land of high fantasy, Runeblade casts the player as the High Priestess of the War Mages, charged with stopping an ancient evil from destroying the world. Players must collect and upgrade an arsenal of weapons, armor, spells and more to survive against the deadliest creatures in the realm. Runeblade captures the excitement of role-playing games in a form optimized to be enjoyed easily on smartwatches in quick, satisfying, 5-15-second bursts of action.

Everywhere Games says that Runeblade will be updated frequently with new enemies, levels and more features.

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